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adobe indesign cs5.5

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Adobe® InDesign® CS software, the ultimate tool for designing professional page layouts, now helps you build engaging publications for tablet devices by. Buy Learning Adobe InDesign CS Training Video [Download]: Read Software Reviews - bwujkf.me Our Adobe InDesign CS test measures your knowledge of Adobe InDesign CS This test is designed for Web Designers, Graphic Artists, or anyone who is.

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Applies to: Adobe InDesign CS5. Articles panel with the options pullout menu For more details, see Articles CS5. For more details, see Linked content. Object export options are applied to both text frames and graphic frames, as well as groups.

Object export options are specified to individual objects or groups and can override the global export settings.

Object export options dialog box For more details, see Object export options CS5. You can use these panels to create digital publications called folios. For information on creating digital publications for mobile devices, see www. Some of the features are listed below: General export options: Define book margins, use article order to specify reading order.

Image export options: You can also specify image alignment settings, space before and after images, and insert page breaks. Content export options: Break document by paragraph styles, enhancements to footnotes, remove soft returns.

Placed audio and h. An increasing numbers of hardware and software vendors now support HTML5 audio and video tags. J-language features: Support for vertical text and Ruby characters.

Added support for sublists: Sublists formatted using the InDesign auto-bullet and auto-number features are represented as nested ordered and unordered lists. Table headers and footers: Table of contents: Publish date: Publish date metadata value is automatically inserted. This change allows InDesign CS5. Apart from layers support, PDF 1. Drag and drop anchored objects You can now drag an existing object into a text frame to anchor it. Drag the blue square near the top right corner to the location you want to anchor it to.

Drag the blue square to anchor the object See Working with anchored objects using drag-and-drop CS5. InDesign automatically adds tags for the following:


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