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Buy Ashampoo Photo Recovery Cheap

Scholarship Provider: Department of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCMB) and the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), University of Ghana, and has several regional and international partner institutions.

Award Details: The successful post doctoral fellow will be supported with up to 150,000 to cover: A monthly salary, Research supplies and reagents, Conference grant, other related costs. Award Details: These year students have an opportunity to win a grant of 80. 000 rubles to cover part of expenses incurred during the exchange period (training, transportation, accommodation etc). Eligible Students: The African Union Scientific Awards will be awarded to African scientists who have remarkable achievements, demonstrated by number of publications, number of research graduate students, applicability of the scientific work to Africa's challenges, and its patentability.

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It quickly recouped percent of JPGs in every test we ran. It failed to recoup production and vector image files. CardRecovery is photo recovery software known for its fast recover speeds and its ability to consistently recover JPG images. It works best for damaged, defective and unreadable memory cards but can also scan and recover lost photos from a standard hard drive.

It recovered only 25 percent of raster formats beyond JPG and failed to recover any production and vector images. Read the full review Why Trust Us? Our most recent tests took over 55 hours in Purch Labs. We simulated various data loss scenarios and tried to account for common issues people face.

Each software application was thoroughly tested to account for variables and differing scenarios. All of the specs were compared and verified, and the features studied and compared. The price range here is incredibly narrow. However, the most useful features for any given scenario are high recovery success rates for lost files and reformatted drives across multiple types of storage mediums. Additionally, extensive raw format compatibility is important for those needing to recoup images off of a digital camera.

Lastly, intuitive and easy to use programs are a must, especially if they have a built-in wizard option. How We Tested The best photo recovery software can recover all types of image files.

To test this, we created a data set with an equal number of raster, vector, production and camera raw files. We saved the files on multiple types of drives and then deleted the files, sometimes formatting the drive as well. Then we used each program to recover as many lost or reformatted files as possible.

We performed each test several times and averaged the results. From our tests, we determined grades for each stage of the recovery process — installation, scan and recovery. Critical to our ease of use score was that the Scan and Recover buttons be clearly labeled and easy to find. We also considered the number of mouse clicks between each stage and how long it took the tester to figure out how to initiate a task.

During our testing, we compared the programs against comprehensive data recovery software. While the success rates are comparable for recovering JPGs, the data recovery software struggled to save other image formats. We also tested some free recovery apps and compared them to the photo recovery software in our review. The free photo recovery programs recovered JPGs at an average rate of less than 7 percent for both lost files and reformatted drives.

The free software did recover a high number of production, vector and camera raw files, but most of them were either duplicates or too damaged to use. Usually, someone deletes a folder without looking at the contents then empties the recycle bin, eventually realizing that important files are missing. In a different scenario a nefarious file with a virus corrupts the directory.

Then we deleted the data set and emptied the recycle bin so that the drives appeared to have no files. At this point, we installed the photo recovery software and scanned the drives to recover the deleted files.

After each recovery, we compared the original data set to the recovered data set to determine the success rate. Most of the photo recovery software recovered JPGs with a perfect success rate.

The success rates became far more varied with the vector, production and camera raw images, which is to be expected. These image formats are less common and more complicated than a standard raster file. Reformatted Drive Recovery Another common data loss scenario is the reformatted drive. Your computer recognizes the mismatched format and prompts you to format the drive. You click OK because you want to use the drive. To test this scenario, we added the data set of photos, documents, videos and music files to an HDD, SSD and flash drive.

Then we reformatted the drive and used the hard disk recovery software to scan and recover the data set. Similar to the lost file scenario, each photo recovery app in our review scanned the same reformatted drives, creating a comparable look into how the products fare when recovering data from the same drive and the same scenario. The recovery rates of JPGs were similar to those of the lost file test, but there was variation with the other raster files.

Digital Camera Recovery One of the most common image recovery scenarios occurs when you take an SDHC card out of one camera and place it in another camera. If the camera brand is different, you may have to format the card, thus losing any pictures and videos taken with the previous camera.

Since nearly every digital camera brand features its own proprietary raw format, we looked at how well the programs recovered these camera formats from a reformatted SDHC card. Instead of looking for the recovery percentages of the files, we only considered whether or not it recognized the format. Since there are so many camera raw formats, we only looked at ones from popular digital camera brands — Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji and Polaroid.

Most of the photo recovery programs in our review claim to recover all types of camera raw formats. This test yielded surprising results. Less than half of the products recognized any of the camera raw formats on the reformatted drive test.

As such, we decided to credit the picture recovery software if it recognized the format at any point in our tests. Scan Speed In each test we ran, we measured how much data the software could scan in an hour. Recovery Speed Once the software finishes scanning the targeted drive, you have to preview and select the files that you want to recover.

Ease of Use We know that losing your cherished photos is a stressful experience. The best photo recovery software should be easy for even the most novice users. There should be little to no learning curve, along with an intuitive, clearly labeled interface.

In most cases, the program should supply you with a wizard that guides you step-by-step through the scan and recovery process, providing explanations along the way.

We looked at how you can contact the support team, in case you need help using the software, whether by phone, live chat or email. You should look at how the user manual is available online. You should also consider the available educational resources such as tutorials, informational articles and a knowledgebase or forum.

The directory has been deleted, removed, corrupted or reformatted. However, the ones and zeroes of the file are still on the storage device. More on Photo Software.

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