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These are the: Incremental scheme Differential scheme The last option is the custom scheme where you can setup all the previous schemes manually as well as your own preferred backup behavior. The difference between the incremental and differential backup scheme can be difficult to understand at first. My written ATI review contains a lengthy explanation of the differences, but my ATI video review and tutorial is probably my best attempt at explaining the difference.

Disk imaging A more advanced, but no less awesome, feature is the disk image feature. This is one of the core features of Acronis True Image This is an important term to know when you work with Acronis True Image.

The reason is mainly that this feature is, in fact, no longer called a disk image within the program. Instead it now goes under the terms: Added to that, it attempts to back up all the files that it can access locally, from USB drives and from network drives. I will describe the pitfalls of this feature in depth in the article mentioned below.

I will link to the article here when it becomes available. Clone disk Clone disk is a tool that you use when you need to copy your main drive to another HDD.

This was an issue in ati and ati as well which adds to my surprise. The progress bar behaves in a similar way and simply jumps ahead to indicate wrongly that the backup will finish momentarily. However, since I use ATI all the time, I know how long my backup jobs are running and I consider this to be a surprising, but insignificant shortcoming.

Buy Acronis True Image Not sure if you want a one-time license or a subscription? Here's what you should consider. Aug 25,  · Acronis True Image is a powerful collection of backup tools that will give you a comfortable feeling of data security. The automatic backup and multiple backup options help you safeguard your precious and irreplaceable photos, videos and work files/5. Nov 06,  · Homepage – BUY NOW Acronis Backup for Crashplan users – 50% OFF BUY NOW Acronis Revive – $ BUY NOW Acronis True Image – Now with Active Ransomware Protection Included! BUY NOW Cloud Storage for Ransomware Protection EUROPE – Landing Page USA – Landing Page AUSTRALIA – Landing Page/5(80).

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