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Then, a mini-disaster struck. Finally, DxO bought them from Google in late and put some effort into making them work again. Here's what's new: The software has been adapted to offer users direct access to the plugins from their workspace via a dedicated button and drop-down menu. After the image is edited in DxO PhotoLab 2, it can be quickly converted and sent to one of the Nik Collection plugins, where the photo can be further altered and enhanced with creative effects. It now works on raw files. In general, I prefer to create my own looks, and there are a myriad of controls to do that, and you can save your work under any name you like so you can use it again. I found the sharpening tools of very high quality, along with the NIK noise reduction tool. What I Liked Pricing is very reasonable for the range of tools.

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Sharpener Pro HDR Efex Pro Each tool has been developed with a graphical interface that is always about the same, but their features are really different. Why so many separate tools and not one single application? This has generated a little discontent in the world of photographers, which I absolutely do not share. In fact, I invite you to reflect upon the following aspects: The new features of the Nik Collection by DxO Once you have downloaded the software, the installation process is straightforward and intuitive.

If, like me, you also have the old Google version installed, the new Nik by DxO will just update what is already available on your Mac or PC. After opening and trying the various software applications, the first evident thing is that there is absolutely nothing new with regard to the graphical interface.

All tools are identical to the previous version, in both the stand-alone and plug-in version. So why should you pay for something that is already available for free yes, the Google version can still be easily found on the web? The strategy of waiting until it stops working might work, but since Nik Collection by DxO has a discounted price for its launch, I would consider the option of taking advantage of it.

After a few hours of use, it seems to me that everything runs smoothly as before. I have to mention that my MacBook Pro dates back to , and the software works perfectly with no lags. However, I am sure that there are certain code optimizations aimed at guaranteeing the compatibility with editing software like Ps and Lr, and also to make it run perfectly on older machines like mine.

The question is absolutely legitimate when it comes from those who have never tried this software. Substantially, as the old Google guides perfectly report, Nik software makes use of control points to manage the changes we want to apply. These are designed to quickly create precise selections without having to resort to masks or complex tools. Each control points creates its own selection according to the color characteristics of the object on which the point is applied.

These characteristics include red, green, blue, hue, saturation, brightness and position of the selected object. The U Point technology therefore automatically creates a selection based on the similarity of other objects and areas of the image with the selected object. By adding more control points to the same image it is therefore possible to create ever more precise selections and simultaneously modify various parts of the image.

In short, with simple control points, it is possible to manage rather complex changes. This is the reason why once you try the Nik Collection you will hardly do without it.

Of course I also hope that, in the future, new features will be implemented, but knowing that they will probably be introduced without altering the nature of the suite can just make me happy.

If the thought of paying for this software application does make you turn up your nose, then just try to focus on the fact that you are investing in the future of this application rather than its present. Well done DxO, finally long live the Nik Collection!

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