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Enhanced Freehand Drawing Tools Freehand tools have been hugely improved, giving more accuracy and creating less points. Bezier Handles Get more design control with customizable vector Bezier handles. Create unique line bends with fewer points and optimized for animation! Smart Warp Create custom meshes that can bend, shape, twist and animate assets. Realistic Motion Blur A new setting allows for true motion blur.

Control the amount of frames and blend. Apply to any moving asset for instant results! No more jumping back and forth between layers for complex tasks! Pin Bones Add one point bones to alter, move and reshape assets in fun new ways. Combine with traditional bones for more complex animations. Works with both vectors and images! Updated GUI Icons are bolder, the library and layers panels have been revamped and a new backend panel allows for easy color and brightness customization.

Export an action to use later or import it into another rig. As long as the rig has a similar structure, your action will work! And much more! Get professional results for animation or games easier and faster! Group a set of points and use the Smart Bones control levers to create 3D looking motion that you can easily repeat with the turn of a dial.

For example with Smart Bones you can control facial expressions and head-turning on a character with simple dial movements instead of having to touch each bone point. Smart Bones not only steps up the quality and realism of the bone actions, but makes it MUCH easier to repeat complex movements and control your rigged elements.

The new bone constraints feature will include rigging options that will help set up characters that are more complex and powerful. The independent angle constraint allows a bone to maintain its global angle similar to a camera crane and is not affected by inverse kinematics or its bone parents.

Ideal uses for bone constraints include robotic arms or feet on characters that maintains constraints when the rest of the leg is moving. The squash and stretch bone scaling enhancement allows bones to squash and stretch objects. The elbow bending feature helps improve otherwise abnormal bending and squashing issues. New target bones help bones point in the right direction rather than having the need to consistently set angles.

Other improvements in bones include an updated inverse kinematic solver and automatic bone scaling. Changes made in Photoshop instantly appear in the imported file in Anime Studio, allowing you to continually refine your Photoshop document.

Many Photoshop features are supported in the imported PSD files, including blending modes, layer opacity, smart objects and smart filters. Groups are also supported and can be set up in Photoshop to automatically get imported into Moho Pro as switch layers for quick animating. Watch Video Bounce, Elastic and Stagger Interpolation By applying the Bounce keyframe type to the timeline, any object interpolated will appear to bounce, all within two keyframes.

Elastic provides a rubber band effect, making objects spring back and forth before reaching their end point. Settings can be adjusted for each of these interpolation types to change the amount of times the object bounces, the intensity and more. Stagger creates the effect that the animation is stuttering or staggering between two keyframes. No additional keyframes are created for this effect. This is great if you want to create the effect a character is having issue lifting a heavy object, as an example.

This is a great workflow enhancement for individuals and production studios alike. Even if you quit from Anime Studio Pro, the render process continues until the job is completed. Watch Video Preview Animation You can now preview animations before committing to rendering. While this method should not be used for final exports, you can take these files and save them elsewhere on your computer or even share them with others if needed. This can cut down tremendously on trial and error when animating and save lots of time, which is invaluable for creative projects.

Moho Pro does this by automatically applying the proper amount of scale. This can be used to arrange landscapes, for example placing mountains far away without forcing them to become tiny. When exporting animations on Windows 7 and higher, the application can create movies using the Windows Media Foundation media library.

When exporting animations on Windows XP and higher, the application can create movies using the DirectShow media library. GPU Acceleration Graphics Processing Unit GPU Acceleration takes advantage of your computer's hardware, boosting performance and quality for several layer types while allowing you to see exactly what the tool is doing as you apply a stroke or shape to the Workspace. The performance boost will help reduce pixelation and artifacting when working with certain graphical elements, such as Vector and Image layers.

Watch Video Random Line Width Refined In previous versions of Moho, random line width could prove to be a bit jarring from point to point. Version 10 introduces a refinement to this feature by making the thickness between neighboring points more consistent when using random line width.

More consistency means a more polished drawing. Now, bones can control the children of their children. If you have a group inside a bone layer and then vector layers inside that group, the bone layer can manipulate the artwork in those vector layers if nested layer control is turned on.

This allows for more powerful rigging options, while simultaneously simplifying and allow more organization in the layer hierarchy. Watch Video Flexi-Binding Flexi-Binding allows you to isolate the influence of a set of bones from the rest of the skeleton. For example, only the right arm bones should affect the artwork for the right arm.

This lessens or eliminates the need to separate artwork on frame zero, and then put it back together again with the Offset Bone tool. This is a great new feature for images and vectors. Watch Video Adjustable Particle Source With Particle Layers, you can now use any shape, even ones that contain gaps, as an origin point for your particles.

To do this, simply put your reference layer on the bottom of the Particle Layer folder. Turn on "Use base layer as source" in your Layer Settings and you're set!

This is a great addition if you have a hard time remembering what the settings for Depth of Field will do to change the effect. Placing the focus line closer to assets will ensure they are in focus, while everything else is blurry, depending on your focus range.

Watch Video Scripting More scripting access and control. Moho Pro offers advanced scripting support and updates. More functions and data structures of the program have been exposed through the scripting API, allowing advanced technical users to create more personalized tools and add-ons.

Watch Video Layer Comps Export multiple layers individually with one click. Layer comps are useful if you want to export only selected items in your scene so that you can composite them externally in third party software. For example, you can create a layer comp that relates to background elements, another that relates to characters, and another that relates to foreground elements or titles.

Turn groups on and off until you get elements that logically belong together. Then create a new layer comp from that group. At render time, you can then choose to render specific layer comps as a movie file. Image Based Modeling allows you to create 3D objects from 2D vector layers.

And the included Content Library contains hundreds of ready to use characters, props and more. Patch Layers Patch Layers were designed for constructing characters and are similar to masks by allowing you to hide certain parts of a layer. Create each body part separately and then hide the overlapping lines.

Adjust the size of the patch to perfectly blend the layers to get the desired style. Improvements in speed and memory will be noticed by all those who use 64 bit machines. Improve rendering speeds and preview performance. Timeline Markers Take notes and make comments on the timeline for future reference.

Shy Bones Hide and see only the bones that you currently need. Copying Content Easily copy layers and content from one document to another.

Copy and Paste Keyframes Copy and paste keyframes and animations from one layer to another or even to another document. Smith Micro Graphics News Get notified of discount offers, new product releases, free training and giveaways. Privacy Moho Gallery.

Mar 17, - Buy cheap Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 7. The Connect button will update immediately to become generally available by default, as a full and. Buy the best animation software for creating cartoons, 2D movies, or cutout animations direct from Smith Micro - Moho is perfect for beginner to pro! Formerly known as Anime Studio, Moho® offers an affordable tool to create animation from. The early adopters have notoriously been hit by high retail prices. .

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Robohelp Anime Studio now references each Style you create or import with a unique ID saving you time and hassle. Batch Export Enhancements New features have been added to the Batch Export panel to make the process of rendering multiple files easier and quicker. Now you can create and save profiles for batches rather than having a specific requirement for each file. Other New Features The default camera positions now reflect the functionality of a 35mm lens and the Properties panel is now easier to navigate and adds a section for organizing tools. A new preview function allows for faster renders by disabling antialiasing while a new script allows for more shape generation. Viewing your 3D axes can now be done by accessing the View menu.


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