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While I agree the interface is complicated the app can do complex tricks. I don't understand your reasoning behind not being able to download the app. Did you lose the license file? Did you contact the developer? Or are you in need of a 2nd license for a 2nd computer? And this url has a "Lost License" retrieval button.

An absolute fantastic app. The design of the app is excellent: In the beginning, you can just let it do a few simpler things such as: Then as time goes, you can start 4 experimenting with letting it auto-file your downloaded bank statements into a specific folder.

Later, you can try to 5 let Hazel put a date in the file name so your bank statements are auto-sorted and auto-named. I have been using Hazel for many years, and it now does a lot a the heavy tedious work for me in the background. This include extracting dates from inside PDF files. Auto-uploading files in the background to web servers. Run applescripts at specific times of the date on specific folders. Prepare files for uploading to servers by compiling them, renaming them, and associate meta-date, and then upload the files.

Handling all of my financial statements and receipts from banks, utilities, and so forth. Send messages to my loved one by the end of work day. Sort my photos into sub-folders based on metadata. That was a small selection of what one can do with Hazel.

Totally awesome app. If you file management is a mess, or you are tired of doing repetitive work, get it and start enjoying Hazel doing all the boring work for you. Like 3.

Learn more about Hazel price, benefits, and disadvantages for businesses in Ireland. Hazel alternatives. Hazel Who Uses This Software? HR and L&D. Dec 6, - To receive your 20% student discount on Hazel you will need to email from Hazel Organize - SAC student bwujkf.me Eltima Software. Hazel 4 price windows is flagship product, software is an object oriented and fully integrated software for computers solution From producing printed pages to.

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Hazel is an automation program that essentially goes into action when files are added or changes are made to designated folders. Here are a few simple workflows you can create in minutes. Read More includes similar functionality, but Hazel is much easier to use and faster on the draw.

I have Hazel rules that automatically open new applications added to my Applications folder, change the file size of screenshots, automatically clear off files on my desktop after a certain period of time, and move PDF files in my Downloads folder to a designated folder in my Dropbox account more about Dropbox here The Unofficial Guide To Dropbox The Unofficial Guide To Dropbox There's more to Dropbox than you might think: Read More.

How It Works Hazel basically watches folders that you assign rules to. So, for example, you could set up a rule in which Hazel automatically opens PDF documents, or any files, when they are downloaded or added to your Downloads folder.

Hazel gets installed in your System Preferences, but you can choose to interact with it from your menu bar. The best way to learn what Hazel can do is to download the trial version and try out some of the rules described in this article.

Hazel comes loaded with a few sample rules, but you will better understand what it can do by creating your own rule first. Click OK. If you already have PDF documents in your Downloads folder, Hazel will automatically run the rule and open them. Keep in mind, Hazel will automatically run a rule assigned to your Downloads folder. Any time Hazel detects changes to designated folders that it monitors, it will run the rules you set up for those folders, so be careful how you apply the rules.

Note, rules can also be applied to sub-folders and files. Next, you want to think about what type of files or conditions you want Hazel to monitor and act on. Hazel includes dozens of conditions to choose from, based on the type of things that we normally do on our computer. You may, for example, set up rules to act upon files added to a designated folder in the last hour or day, or when last modified or opened.

Movie, Image, Application, or Text files. For example, since the Desktop is really a large folder, I have a Hazel rule that moves any files on my desktop that have been there more than three hours to a designated Junk Folder. I also have two similar rules — one set up that will change the dimension size of PNG files that are either greater than pixels in width or height.

The second part of any Hazel rule is have it perform a certain action or set of actions. As you can see in the screenshot below, Hazel can perform the type of actions we normally do manually, including moving, copying, renaming, opening, or revealing designated files in the Finder.

For example, you might set up a rule that watches your Public folder for any new files added in the last five minutes. I set up another Hazel rule that moves all PDFs added to my Downloads folder to a designated folder in my Dropbox account. I have another rule that sets the color label of individual applications in my Applications folder, red, if they have not been opened in the last days.

And to quickly remove the red color labels, I of course, set up another rule to do just that. Again, I only activate this when I need it. The best way to get the most out of Hazel or any automation program is to think about actions that you perform manually on a regular basis.

If you give this some thought, those redundant actions can typically be done for you by programs like Hazel, Automator, or another one of my favorite programs, Keyboard Maestro. Let me know what you think of Hazel and how you use it to manage tasks on Mac. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email.

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