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How much is a FileMaker Pro 11 for students?

In FileMaker Pro 11, you can do all of this on the fly so to speak without leaving browse mode. You tell FileMaker Pro what you want to summarize and how count by state, average by total sales, etc. It simply does a quick search for records that have your find criterion in any of the fields on the current layout.

When you need precision, you simply switch into Find mode and enter your find criterion in the right field, as you've always done in FileMaker.

Although FileMaker Pro 11 tries to make it unnecessary for you to go under the hood, you will end up in Layout Mode sooner or later. When you do, you'll notice the new Inspector, which provides quick access to various property palettes that used to be hidden in a variety of modal dialogs.

And the Manage Layouts dialog now allows you to organize layouts in folders. Charts Perhaps the most exciting new feature and the top reason to upgrade is the ability to make charts. This isn't an entirely new capability for FileMaker Pro; earlier versions could create charts with the help of third-party plug-ins or through the use of ingenious but very complicated calculation techniques.

But now charting is available to everybody and is easy to use. It took me only a couple of minutes to create and format my first chart a bar chart and then change it into pie chart. Sharing data Two nifty features in FileMaker Pro 11 relate to the exchange or sharing of data.

You can send this little file to another user who must have FileMaker Pro 11 and access to the database who can open it and instantly see exactly what you were looking at. The Snapshot Link file isn't a true snapshot, as if you made a screen capture; nor does it save the find criteria you might have used to get the records you are looking at.

It simply saves the record IDs of the records in your found set. A Snapshot Link won't reflect records that have been added or deleted after the Snapshot Link has been created. If something has changed in a record, the record will be displayed with the new data. For these reasons, Snapshot Link seems most useful when you're dealing with relatively stable data and you want to save customized record sets that would be hard to recover otherwise.

Snapshot Link is also a neat way to save your own found set. Say you're planning a wedding and trying to sort out the guest list. You could create a Snapshot Link to save your mother's preferred list, and another Snapshot Link to save your own preferred list.

Here again, this functionality has been within the reach of experienced developers for a long time, but saving and retrieving found sets involved marking records or capturing record IDs and saving them in the database itself, and in either case required a little intermediate-level scripting. Snapshot Link, on the other hand, is quick and easy. The new Recurring Imports feature was something that could be done in FileMaker Pro 10 with a little scripting, but FileMaker 11 will write the script for you in response to a couple simple questions.

A Recurring Import is simply an import that occurs over and over again. You might use it, for example, to update mortgage rates daily.

For serious developers only The emphasis in FileMaker 11 seems to be on making things easier for normal, do-it-yourself users who are not experienced developers. Nevertheless, there are a few things in FileMaker Pro 11 for experienced developers to get excited about. The new Portal Filters option makes it fairly easy to design a portal--a list showing related "child" records. For example, if you're looking at a record in the CLASSES table, a portal might be used to show the students enrolled in a particular class.

Both programs provide several helpful tutorials, video clips and even a sample database to get you started, but these resources are designed primarily for home office and business environments, not schools.

For example, instructions for using the program's new charting feature are limited to constructing a line graph for a fictitious company. Sample files for charting math and science projects would be greatly appreciated by teachers and tech integrationists who want students use the application in classroom activities interested in teaching database applications to students.

Students can use the helpful Research Notes Starter Solution to track information for research projects. Other Starter Solution templates for education, however e. In the classroom: At the school level, FileMaker Pro can help with tracking and managing grade reporting, attendance, fundraising, personnel records and more. At the curriculum level, FileMaker Pro can help equip students with useful data management skills for a digital age, i. FileMaker Pro database records can store graphics, photos, movies, text and sounds for use in podcasts, vidcasts, and research reports.

The program's Web Viewer can be used to link records to additional online information. Students should learn to develop a database not as an end in itself but as an easily searchable container with information for all sorts of projects and reports. Overall Evaluation: It's a powerful multi-purpose data management package with tools to track, organize, update, sort, search and print data reports as needed. It includes a helpful Hands-on Tutorial that introduces program features and an in-depth User's Guide for more detailed learning.

Video tutorials at the FileMaker Pro Web site provide visual learning support. However, the program's ready-made templates are not geared to classroom projects. As a result, teachers who wish to explore this database application with students must be prepared to develop lessons on their own. FileMaker Pro 11 has much to offer administrators, teachers and staff who collect and manage data for school or classroom record keeping and resource tracking.

For instructional curriculum, on the other hand, whether or not you integrate a "real" database like FileMaker Pro 11 will depend on lesson objectives. If the goal is to teach how database applications can support data gathering activities across the curriculum e. A demo version is available for a day free trial. Why not download a copy and test it out for yourself http: About the Author: Carol S.

Holzberg, PhD, Shutesbury, Massachusetts is an educational technology specialist and anthropologist who writes for several publications. Send comments or queries via email to: No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.

We walked away from the training feeling much more knowledgeable about FileMaker Pro and feeling very confident to go on to the next steps to make our databases effective. We would recommend this type of training to anyone that is using FileMaker Pro to develop real time, web based databases. Cris is an excellent, knowledgeable instructor. FileMaker Pro 14 Help. Two classes of students take an exam. Class 1 has scores of 70, 71, 70, 74, 75, 73, 72 and Class 2 has scores of 55, 80, 75, 40, 65, 50, The population variance for Class 1 is much lower than the population variance for Class 2 because the scores for Class 1 . FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced Discount. MySQLFileMaker Pro 11 makes it easier than ever before, but it stills requires some setup and the writing of a calculation formula, and I suspect it’s still a bit beyond the reach of the bwujkf.meoft OfficeSQLiteConverting files from FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced and FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier.

Put to the Test: Filemaker Pro 11

FileMaker 11 also puts many cool database tricks within the reach of ordinary users. FileMaker 11 may be the best FileMaker ever. FileMaker Pro Advanced has a few utility features that matter to full-time database developers: Otherwise, Pro and Pro Advanced are very similar products--in fact, FileMaker Pro remains a remarkably powerful development tool. UI improvements The most obvious changes to the user interface in FileMaker Pro 11 are found in Table View, where you see fields as columns and records as rows, much like you would in a spreadsheet. Table View is now the default view for new databases.

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