Mariner StoryMill Program Price at low price

Mariner StoryMill Program Price

StoryMill builds your novel from individual scenes. Metadata for each scene appears in a resizable pane below your text, new for version 4.

Here, you can add notes, images, web links, and keyword tags. If this extra information bothers you, just slide the metadata pane down to nothingness. Several clever, useful features help StoryMill stand out from its rivals. StoryMill offers plentiful highlighting and annotation tools, plus color-coding to help you distinguish your first draft from your final manuscript.

With its handy snapshot feature, you can also save and compare multiple versions of the same document, and restore previous drafts if you end up liking them better.

In addition to your text and an otherwise blank background, it presents running word, character, and page counts at the bottom of the screen, along with text zoom controls. Still too distracted? You can easily banish this data. The Timeline is an elegant and clever concept, but for me, its execution fell short of its aims. They can ably handle most day-to-day word processing and spreadsheet tasks. But when viewed from the perspective of interoperability with Word and Excel, Write and Calc are overshadowed by the more feature-rich and considerably less expensive AppleWorks.

But be aware that this review is very, very old - 15 years For Contour you only find an old review for an older version from Contour 1. The same for Montage. Narrator, according to the developers , also [has] an export option for ACC sound files to use with other sound playing software such as a soundtrack in iMovie or as a screenshot voiceover. All in all there is not much to be found out about the software. I haven't used it, but it seems to be directed more at beginners than experts and there don't seem to be many export options available.

Most tool descriptions don't mention something along those lines. Whether the software would be helpful to you is up to you, but you should definitely thoroughly check each one before deciding whether you want to purchase. Especially when buying a bundle you should also check whether you really need all of the software. Not every part of the bundle may be for everyone. An important part that should not be forgotten is that the software apparently has been around for quite some time - that means that there is an active enough userbase that it's still possible for the company to further develop their tools.

That's alwas a good sign and suggests that you probably won't have the problem of the company disappearing over night and leaving you with a bunch of completely useless files. On the other hand here is a review for a different product from them: The users there are complaining about the software frequently hanging whle trying to quit it, horrible tech support.

So if you are reading this because the feature list on their website didn't convince you that the tool would be perfect for you then you might want to stay away from it for the time being.

Jul 03,  · StoryMill is the easiest and most complete novel writing software for any level writer and a complete database for characters, locations and scenes that makes up a novel. Set daily writing goals. Research is in one place - add pictures, tags, files and links; make notes. The unique Timeline View feature of StoryMill allows you to group scenes, change the measure of time from minutes to /5(5). Developers and publishers of Mac, Win, and iOS productivity, home and office and writing software such as MacGourmet, Paperless and many more. Based in MN. StoryMill is one of a few software packages by Mariner Software that work to help writers. While StoryMill is dedicated to various aspects of overall novel writing, Persona (character management) and Contour (story outline) are two other options that focus on specific areas of novel Twickline.

Mariner StoryMill Program Price

You are here: Creative Writing Software: It contains the essential components for constructing your story, such as creating characters, places and storylines. You can depend on StoryMill to take your concept for a thriller, love story, adventure, action film or sci-fi tale and transform it into a book. You can create story components and characters, then arrange and incorporate them into the novel.

StoryMill offers a simple full view of all your research--notes, images, files and information connected to specific elements of your story. StoryMill provides you with an intuitive, yet powerful tool to cultivate and capture any type of story, while adapting to any form of writing style. StoryMill is extremely functional - utilize it as your method to compose and edit your story using its full display notations, or as an extensive repository of your characters, locale and scenario that builds the foundation of your novel.

The Progress Metter lets you set regular writing targets and track your goals. You can organize scenes to help you analyze the associations between them. You can modify the measurement of time from minutes to decades. You can incorporate scenes or incidents and analyze and review the collection of untimed events.

Regardless how time affects your story, it is easy to have a different viewpoint of your story with StoryMill. Easy Editing and Revision The Snapshot function helps you revise your story quickly and accurately. Jump to a scene or section of your story and save a snapshot of your story. Now you can review the two variants of your story. You can modify and revise either of them and make comparisons between the two.

If you think your revisions improve your story, you can save it; if not, you can return to the original, unedited one.

It gives you an uncluttered, focus-driven writing atmosphere. Choose a color for your background and a color scheme for your layout, and create your own padded margins. You've finished your book-length story, now publish it! Authoring a novel is challenging enough, but publishing it? How can a writer eliminate this obstacle? StoryMill makes it simple with Trekden, which guides you through the process of publishing your novel and distributing it into the marketplace - and it's a free service!


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