Buy now Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Professional x86 download

Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Professional x86 download

A consistent programming model and common tools across on-premises and cloud support hybrid infrastructures and scenarios. Enterprise The premium offering, SQL Server Enterprise edition delivers comprehensive high-end datacenter capabilities with blazing-fast performance, unlimited virtualization, and end-to-end business intelligence — enabling high service levels for mission-critical workloads and end user access to data insights.

Features Breakthrough, in-memory performance With SQL Server , new in-memory capabilities for transaction processing and enhancements for data warehousing complement our existing technologies for data warehousing and analytics.

Scale and transform your business with up to 30x performance gain for transaction processing using existing hardware, and a greater-than x performance gain for data warehousing. High availability and disaster recovery Gain mission critical uptime, fast failover, improved manageability, and better use of hardware resources through enhanced AlwaysOn in SQL Server , a unified solution for high availability.

Enterprise scalability across compute, networking, and storage With SQL Server and Windows Server, physical processing now scales up to logical processors, and virtual machines scale up to 64 logical processors. SQL Server also utilizes storage spaces and network virtualization to optimize your resources.

It can also run on Windows Server Core to lower the surface area of attack. Security and compliance Help secure data for mission critical workloads with transparent data encryption, robust auditing, extensible key management and encrypted backups. It is even easier to manage permissions for data access to support separation of duties across various users. Corporate business intelligence Scale your BI models, enrich and help secure your data, and ensure quality and accuracy with a complete BI solution.

Access data in familiar tools like Excel Accelerate time-to-insight using Microsoft Excel. Search, access, and shape internal, external, structured, and unstructured data for analysis in Excel.

Get richer visualizations using Power Map and Power View. Search, access, and shape internal, external, structured, and unstructured data with Power Query. Access insights from anywhere using Power BI. Scalable data warehousing Scale to petabytes of data for enterprise-grade relational data warehousing using scale out Massive Parallel Processing MPP architecture using the Analytics Platform System APS and have the ability to integrate with non-relational sources like Hadoop.

Support your needs from smaller datamarts to your largest enterprise data warehouses while improving queries by more than x faster than your legacy data platform and reduce storage with new enhanced data compression. Data quality and integration services Integration services includes rich support for extract, transact and load ETL tasks, and the ability to run and manage as a separate SQL Server instance. Improve data quality by using organizational knowledge and third-party data providers to cleanse data through Data Quality Services.

Easy-to-use management tools SQL Server Management Studio helps you centrally manage your database infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud. Added support for Windows PowerShell 2. Simplify application testing on a single database using Distributed Replay. Robust development tools Updated developer tools are integrated into Visual Studio and are available for download to build next-generation web, enterprise, business intelligence and mobile applications across on-premises and cloud.

What customers say Robert, CA I am very happy with this product. The installation is very easy. The price is good. It's the first time I order a product from this web site. It's not the las time. Carolyn, GB I had a slight problem understanding how I installed the programme but staff support was excellent and very prompt. I soon understood what I had to do. Many thanks. Philip, GB Easy process to download the software. Some problems with installation but quick and helpful support ensured installation.

Highly recommended! Denislav, BG Yes is Thrue! Very good Store and Amazing prices for amazing soft products.! Thank you John, GB.

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We're getting a lot of emails today with news about Snow Leopard compatibility updates for applications, so we'll be listing the updates in this post. Be sure to check back from time to time today, as we'll be changing this post frequently. If you're using the new and free TUAW iPhone App [App Store link] to read this, be sure to tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to view the entire post. Creaceed Hydra Creaceed has released version 2.

This is the first Mac application for HDR photography that supports bit architectures, which means that rendering times are faster. The graph below shows the results over running the app under Mac OS X The update is free to all registered users of Hydra 2. Yazsoft Speed Download 5. There are new components for Safari bit support, a new uninstaller, increased FTP compatibility and performance, and other internal tweaks for full compatibility with Snow Leopard.

Speed Download 5. The new beta version of the software, version 1. The updated version adds support for Mac OS X In addition, users of writeroom. Writers can now take notes in WriteRoom on the iPhone, then move them directly to a Scrivener project. All of the applications now include support for Mac OS X In addition, OmniFocus and OmniGraffle now have new features. In OmniFocus, the interface for Perspectives, which allows you to save customized view settings, has been redesigned.

OmniFocus 1. OmniGraffle 5. Users can now pinch to zoom in and out, and can use other gestures for resizing or rotating a selection. Other OmniGraffle improvements include fixes to tables and shared layers, as well as better stability. All of the Omni Group's Snow Leopard-ready applications can be downloaded from http: Eye-Fi Eye-Fi Inc.

You can learn more from their Snow Leopard Info page. Both Daylite and Daylite Server are at version 3. Cultured Code Things 1. The new version also adds a system-wide keyboard shortcut in the Quick Entry dialog, and the application is localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.

Things 1. The new versions provide Mac OS X The updates are free to registered users of the applications. CounterPath Reader Ken W. Josh Bryant For those that use the iChat Matte plugin by Josh Bryant to soften the appearance of their iChat conversations, you may have noticed that installing Snow Leopard has reset the iChat bubbles to their default glossy look.

Luckily, reader David Celis was kind enough point out that simply reinstalling the plugin worked like a charm. So, if you're an iChat Matte user and are missing your matte bubbles, be sure to try reinstalling the plugin. Ayluro Ayluro, Inc. The update includes several bug fixes, lots of new features and improvements, as well as Snow Leopard compatibility.

LateNite Software If you're concious about saving disk space, Xslimmer 1. With their most recent update, not only will Xslimmer work with Snow Leopard, but it takes advantage of some of the new built in features, allowing you to compress applications that you don't frequently use to save space. It also works with both and bit application binaries to ensure maximum compatibility. Their TimeNet business management software is now at version 3.

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