Low cost Price of Norton PartitionMagic Software

Price of Norton PartitionMagic Software

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Buying Price of Norton PartitionMagic Software

Hide and Unhide partitions. Copy wizard: Partition Copy: Fast file-by-file copy to save your valuable time as well as protect your data before any operations.

Hard Disk Copy: Automatically copy the files file by file fast or sector by sector sectors be exactly the same as the original one after checking the partitions to make a back up. Usability Features: How to figure out Windows 32 or 64?

Virtual operations - Each operation is listed in the left column "operations pending" and will be performed after click on Apply button and withdraw step by step by clicking Undo. Up to 32 hard disks - can handle up to 32 hard disks - a flexible choice for server systems.

Supports 1. Hardware RAID supports. Take Advantage: Create at least two partitions: Copy partition before operate: Other Advanced Editions for you: Professional Edition - Vista 64 bit, Bootable CD or not a home user Server Edition star product - single license for Server and Non-Server users Unlimited Edition - multiple licenses for all servers and computers within company. Both Windows Server and Non-Server systems are supported.

For partition recovery, Partition Table Doctor is a one stop solution. Review I'm always a little wary of free applications that do low-level chores like partitioning, but darned if I could find any problem with Easeus PM. It created, deleted, formatted, moved and resized partitions with aplomb in my rather-more-rigorous-than-usual testing.

All operations are virtual. Reviewed by Jon L. Jacobi The tool provides with an exclusive feature to resize or move your partitions by utilizing the free space without any loss of data. The other features included are; labeling of partitions, quick and easy formatting of partitions, the tool provides a crystal clear view of each disk and partition, supports hiding or un-hiding of partitions… By Daily Reviews Team from http: I just easily deleted a small 2GB drive on my home computer and enlarged my C: Drive with the unallocated space.

It was so easy! Comment by Judy Powers - September 21th, I just downloaded your partition manager for home use. It worked flawlessly and wanted to thank you for making it available for home users like me. Comment by Dave Wood - September 8th,


Descarga el Norton Partition Magic 8.05 (portable)

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