Buy Roxio Toast 11 Titanium extended price

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium extended price

In recent years, Toast has expanded beyond that role into media conversion and extraction. As in the past, Toast also includes a bunch of additional apps: The Streamer app is no longer included, however.

Installing and updating The first change longterm users of the software will notice takes place very early on.

While not a big deal in itself, it does signal an important change to the way Roxio handles the various apps in the Toast package. Toast's Software Update window shows you what's new and lets you updates without downloading huge disc images.

With Toast 11, that pain is a thing of the past. What that means is no more logins and downloading huge disc images to make sure your apps are up to date. Although the update process is vastly improved, with the main Toast application, the update still spawns the Toast Setup Assistant and makes you choose which disc to install on and then walks through the install process as if you were starting from scratch.

Roxio said it wanted to make sure this first use of Sparkle-powered updating was rock solid, and may tweak the behavior in the feature. The new UI makes it easier to choose a category, incorporates the Media Browser, and adds useful burning settings to the main window. Even after that, though, there are general improvements to how you find your way around the software.

Activities are still grouped into the same five categories Data, Audio, Video, Copy, and Convert , but previously they were listed by icon only until you clicked on one. Now, you can clearly see the names of all the categories. And instead of being smashed into one corner of the UI, the categories are displayed as tabs that run across the width of the content window. The Assistant window can show you common projects for a category, or all the available options.

And there are other small but useful changes. You can choose a burner and its settings, as well as the number of copies you want to burn, directly from the main window.

And you can now view the Media Browser as a separate floating palette as before or integrated into the main UI. You might even notice that Toast icon now has a disc and an iPhone coming out the toaster rather than two discs—a nod to the waning importance of physical media for many users these days. But speaking of physical media, I still burn data DVD backups mostly of concerts in lossless audio formats as archives and with Toast 10, it took until the last version— You can also have Toast publish directly to online services and even tweet the link to the video—I added a p video shot with my iPhone into Toast under the Convert heading, and uploaded it directly to my Vimeo account.

Using the High quality setting, the movie was almost identical in quality and file size to the same movie exported from iMovie. Still, Toast only lets you trim movies, not combine multiple clips and insert transitions the way iMovie does, making it less useful for many people. At the same time, you can now create custom video profiles, tweaked from one of the built-in presets. This could be useful if you want to convert video that will look good on all your particular Apple devices, say.

The VideoBoost feature can speed up H. Like iTunes, it lets you add as many tracks as you want for burning and breaks them into the number of CDs needed to do so. Unlike iTunes, however, you can determine which tracks go on which CDs, as well as apply Audio Units filters to your tracks. Spin Doctor captures audio from apps at 20MB per minute bit stereo at I tested out Spin Doctor capturing music from my iTunes library and from Safari connected to my Napster account.

In iTunes, I recorded an Al Green album. Spin Doctor works fairly well defining and identifying music, but still has some rough edges such as the text rendering problems seen here.

When capturing from Napster playback in Safari, I generally had better results. When I clicked the Identify button a second time, it found all the metadata and added it correctly. I also encountered several text rendering and placement problems in the Info tab after recording some audio.

Spin Doctor definitely has some cool new features over the previous version, but as far as stability and bugs, it still needs some work. Other changes Selecting multiple recorders for simultaneous burning. In the Destination pop-up window, instead of picking a particular drive to burn to, you choose the Select Multiple Recorders option. Click the Burn button and a Select Recorders window appears, which lets you choose from the list of connected burners, as well as the number of copies to make per drive as well as the write speed.

The other copy, on the internal drive, burned fine. When I switched to burning just to the external drive, that disc burned perfectly as well. I then tried a different external burner USB this time and was able to burn to two drives at the same time without any problems. I took plus-year-old footage from a 16mm-to-DVD transfer showing my mother and aunt as children with their parents my grandparents and selected several section to export to iPhone format as individual clips.

The process was quick and easy, with good results. Toast 11's new clip extraction window. All upgrades take advantage of instant discounts no rebates involved. The simplified interface makes the software easier to work with, and the Sparkle framework makes it more convenient to update. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance.

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Buy Roxio Toast 11 Titanium extended price

Grab video and music from anywhere-the web, portable devices, discs, LPs, or your Mac New! Live Screen Capture Record content directly from your screen, then edit, save and share it as a video complete with voiceover. It's a fast and easy way to add interesting content to videos, presentations and other projects. Convert for enjoyment on iPad, iPhone, or your favorite on-the-go-device.

Toast can even send it automatically to iTunes for syncing with your favorite device. Trim start and end points, remove unwanted segments in the middle of video clips before export, or even apply audio effects.

Does not copy encrypted or protected content. New for Toast 11, you can copy and preserve DVD subtitles when moving to iPad and iPhone for movie enjoyment in quiet areas. Copy Mac OS, Toast, and other disc image formats. Mount disc images directly from Finder. Choose the individual DVD movies, audio and languages you want, while maximizing available disc space and video quality. File Recovery for Damaged Discs Don't risk losing vital data. Recover previously unreadable files from damaged discs and copy them onto a new disc along with a list of unrecoverable files.

Some of the data is always better than none! Convert video for iPad, iPhone, video game console, and more Enhanced! Save time with custom video presets Enjoy a broad selection of included video presets for popular mobile devices, or save new custom video profiles to quickly export video to a device of your choice.

Includes new video templates. Video quality preview Preview a short clip of your video at selected quality settings in just seconds to ensure the optimal video quality. New in Toast 11, you can set preview durations, start points, and even save them to your desktop.

Video conversion on your terms Schedule video conversion projects to run when you're away from the computer, and even pause and resume conversions already in progress. Toast will even automatically tweet your YouTube and Vimeo video links. Create cross-platform photo discs for easy sharing. Then you can quickly browse the files and folders of your catalogued discs, and search by all or part of a file or folder name.

Archive up to 50 GB on high capacity Blu-ray Discs. Easy search and fast retrieval Automatically catalog your discs as you burn - with photo thumbnails saved on your computer, you can easily preview the contents of your discs and find any file or photo without the disc in the drive.

Every file at your fingertips Toast's convenient Media Browser makes it quick to find the right content for your project. Audio Disc Spanning Audio Disc Spanning, an addition to Toast's unique cross-platform data spanning feature, lets you span audio CD projects across multiple discs, and customize your tracks and discs for the perfect music mix. Smart folder synchronization Sync up folders bi-directionally - between multiple computers, network volumes, or external hard disks.

You can even now create bootable clones of any Mac volume. Customer Ratings Write a Review 4. LeicaFan Location: Grand Rapids Michigan Age: Home User Owned Product: Customer Videos: Verified Buyer Top 50 Contributor Reviewer: Anonymous Location: North of Philadelphia, PA Age: Power User Owned Product: I am glad I got this on discount.

Verified Buyer Top Contributor Reviewer: Anonymous Age: IT Professional Owned Product: If you need disk authoring software, this is the one to get. I would recommend this item to a friend! Las Cruces NM Age: Over 65 Experience Level: It is not a major upgrade over version 11; nevertheless I do recommend it.

Verified Buyer Reviewer: Connecticut Age: February 14, Verified Buyer Reviewer: England Age: OWC live chat resolved this problem immediately with absolutely no hassle and I received a new disc within 5 days, brilliant as this was shipped to the uk. I installed the disc with no problem and burned a blue ray video disc with no issues. Saved some data files to DVD to further test and no problems.

Appears to be an excellent easy to use product allied with superb service from OWC. Hong Kong Age: I've been looking for the software to edit video to burn it on Blu ray disc with my Blu ray drive. Thanks a lot! I'd also prefer to have electronic download so that I don't have to wait for the shipping. Sold Out.


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