Purchase What is the price of Snowtape 2 for software?

what is the price of Snowtape 2 for software?

Applications and infrastructure are rapidly moving to the cloud. Complex hybrid environments are the new normal. Workers are procuring their own tools, whether you want them to or not. IT must evolve from a service organization to a strategic partner. Are you ready for the revolution?

Snowtape for Mac. Free to try Vemedio Snowtape None, even the $29 price is not bad for all that it does and for all the stations that are preprogramed and organized by bwujkf.meegory: Streaming Audio Software. Snowtape Bringing Radio Into the Digital Age David Appleyard on September 24th Internet, itunes, radio, snowtape; Just under a year ago, we published a review of Snowtape, an internet radio player for OS X. I was incredibly impressed with the polish of the interface, functionality, and the range of features available. What is the true cost of 'free'? Written by Su Kent On the Jul 27, 0 Comments We’re all used to downloading apps onto our phones and tablets – today’s users have the choice to download from millions – million on Android and more than 2 million in Apple’s App Store.

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Listen and record live internet radio with the touch of one button. Snowtape is the perfect solution for you if you like music and want to have a lot of it in your pocket. In just 10 hours your music library will contain over songs and by the end of the week your iPod shuffle is already packed with your favorite music.

Hit the record button while listening to your favorite station and recording starts instantly. While recording the music format is automatically transformed for later editing.

You can virtually watch Snowtape filling up your music database. Snowtape is able to cut the recordings at audio track boundaries automatically and puts every track separately into your database, if a radio station is transmitting correct stream titles.

Snowtape is able to identify potential commercials or interludes. If you wish you can set Snowtape to automatically strip the corresponding audio samples.

The integrated track editor let's you preview the track as well as trim at the beginning and at the end. The changes are non-destructive and can be undone at anytime. Snowtape partners with Last. In most cases, Snowtape can download this information automatically for you. Alternatively, a "Get Album Info" button searches and adds any album info and cover artwork available.

You can edit the most important metadata fields like title, artist, album, composer, etc. Simply click the "Export to iTunes" button and the audio track is encoded to high quality AAC audio and saved right into your iTunes.

Album artwork and track titles are automatically exported as iTunes Audio Tags and get incorporated directly into the audio track during export. With Windows Media technology integrated right into Snowtape, you're not missing those thousands of WMA radio stations anymore. And there is no need to install Flip4Mac. It just works out of the box.

Using the RadioURL browser plugin Snowtape integrates seamlessly with Safari and Firefox to start playing a radio station right from within its official website.

No need for URL fumbling around anymore!


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