Cheapest price Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard extended serial key

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard extended serial key

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Microsoft server software support for Microsoft Azure virtual machines

Entities can avoid licensing costs while migrating to Windows Server if they plan now for their future hardware and software needs and take advantage of the special temporary licensing grants that exist. Starting in April of this year, Microsoft released a new version of their System Center product. This was the first in what will be a series of new server products versions that Microsoft will release throughout this year and into next year. Along with the release of the new server software, Microsoft has also been changing the licensing of each product released.

Those aware of the licensing grants being extended by Microsoft will find opportunities to avoid cost while gaining server software licensing. Over the next few blog posts we will examine license grant opportunities that may be taken advantage of during the migration to Windows Server , System Center , and SQL Server Windows Server will be the subject of this post followed by a post which will examine how the Windows Server feature and licensing changes will reduce the cost of hosting virtual desktops on the Windows Server Hyper-v platform.

Under the R2 Processor plus CAL licensing, each physical processor on a server must be licensed and the server can have no less than two processors. The Windows Server R2 Standard Edition is limited to managing four physical processors, while the R2 Enterprise Edition Software can operate up to 8 processors. With the introduction of Windows Server there will be only two editions, Standard and Datacenter, both of which will operate under the Processor plus CAL based licensing.

Each Windows Server license will cover up to two processors on a server as opposed to one processor under the R2 processor licenses.

Unlike the editions from the R2 version, both editions will have the same features sets. A Windows Server Standard edition license will allow up to two virtual machines utilizing two processors while the Windows Server Processor edition license will allow an unlimited number of virtual machines to utilize two processors.

Both of the server based editions, Enterprise and Standard, will migrate to processor based editions and will automatically translate as follows. Windows Server R2 Standard edition licenses will convert to Windows Standard version on a one-to-one ratio, while the Windows Server R2 Enterprise edition will receive two Windows Server Standard edition licenses for each license covered by SA.

Windows Server Itanium Based edition will be discontinued with the introduction of Windows Server During the transition of Standard and Enterprise editions from Server plus CAL to Processor plus CAL, Microsoft is providing customers with a grant for additional licenses if the previous mentioned grants do not adequately license their servers. This means, for the Standard edition licenses, if the software exists on a four processors server, the license owner is entitled to an additional, no cost, Windows Server Standard license.

Any Windows Server R2 Enterprise Edition covered with SA that exists on an eight processor server may qualify for two additional, no cost, Standard Edition licenses. In order for the licenses to qualify for the additional licenses, the customer must conduct a self-audit before the renewal the Volume License Agreement under which the licenses are maintained, using an inventory tool that records the processor count for the Windows Server installation.


How To Install Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard With Activation Key

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